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 Analysis Questions for Bully     The film this week is titled

 Analysis Questions for Bully    

The film this week is titled ” Bully”  it was released in 2012 and directed by Lee Hirsch.   It is PG-13 and runs for 1:39 minutes.   You can view it on Amazon Prime , Netflix with a free subscription or find a copy on another website for no or low charge to rent.  I do not have access to provide you a copy of the film. You can search online and easily locate it.  This will be your project due for the week. 

Please respond to each as  separate answers and use  # 1, # 2, # 3 etc.  to indicate your answer.  No need to copy/paste the question. Only provide the answers. Please leave a space or two between each answer.  Please do NOT answer these in one large paragraph.  This film portrays many examples for this weeks lectures.

Question # 1  Choose any 3 of your favorite, prominent characters in the film. Name the character, 3 cultures they belong to and if effective or ineffective communicator (why?)

Question # 2   Using specific scenes to justify your answers what are YOUR perceptions of 3 individuals ( different from those in question #1 ). Name the individual, indicate why you perceive them this way (refer to scenes) and at the end of the film did these perceptions hold true for each or were you perceptions changed for each? Why?

Question # 3  Describe 3 specific examples (scenes) where the language used was not the most effective/appropriate.  Name the scene, what was said and what words you would choose to make it effective/appropriate.

Question # 4 –  Choose 3 prominent scenes where a character(s) non-verbal behavior sent a clear message.  Name the scene, the action/behavior and if the  behavior/action conveyed the message clearly. 

Question # 5   This film is a documentary. After viewing the film, choose 3 scenes that stir up an emotional response from you.   Name the scene and what emotion watching brought up for you. 

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