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Read Case Study: Part V – Chapter 3: eLoanDocs: Riding

Read Case Study: Part V – Chapter 3: eLoanDocs: Riding the Tide of Technology without Wiping Out. Answer all the questions below. Include at least two (ideally three or more) references. At least one reference should be from a peer-reviewed journal article from Baker’s online library. The course textbook and/or course notes will not count toward the minimum required references. Use appropriate APA formatting guidelines.

  1. Should eLoanDocs continue with their current model of designing, building, and managing their own computer hosting infrastructure using their co-location partners?
  2. Would eLoanDocs’ financial institution customers accept a move of eLoanDocs’ services to a public or private cloud provider?
  3. How should eLoanDocs go about choosing a cloud hosting provider?

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