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This is needed in 120 words each. Please provide each

This is needed in 120 words each. Please provide each question with its own references. Please, no plagiarized work.   



Identify a communication problem or issue that you would be interested in researching, e.g., people’s addiction to texting and the problem this may cause in the workplace, communication between doctors and patients, or the type of communication used to break bad news. What kind of research design would you use to examine the research problem/issue, e.g., survey, interview, anthropological? Why is the research design you chose most appropriate for the situation?


Based on your readings and knowledge of the scientific method what is the implication of finding an absolutely certain relationship about any given topic? Why?


 Read Chapters 1-2 in The Basics of Communication Research.

Read “Literature Review” by Card.


Read “Using Primary Sources on the Web” on the RUSA website.


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