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Choose one of the 1 Security Topics from the Management


Choose one of the 1 Security Topics from the Management of Information Security Book and write your final paper educating the reader on that topic. Use the sub-categories for each Security Topic presented in the book as a guide to your content for the paper.

  • Chapter 2 Compliance: Law and Ethics
  • Chapter 3: Governance and Strategic Planning for Security
  • Chapter 4: Information Security Polic
  • Chapter 5: Developing the Security Program
  • Chapter 6: Risk Management: Assessing Risk
  • Chapter 7: Risk Management: Treating Risk
  • Chapter 8: Security Management Models
  • Chapter 9: Security Management Practices
  • Chapter 10: Planning for Contingencies
  • Chapter 11: Security Maintenance
  • Chapter 12: Protection Mechanisms

This proposal should be an annotated outline of your paper. Use sample # 2 and 3 as your guide. The samples can be found here. Only write outlines describing what you are going to write about. Do not write paragraphs but make sure it is in outline form.

Content for the paper should have the following at a minimum:

  1. Introduction to the topic
  2. A description of the each area of the topic
  3. How each area provides security for an organization
  4. What are the tools and methods used for each area
  5. What are the challenges in providing security and describe problems that can occur in each area
  6. A conclusion summarizing what you wrote
  • Assignment Format: MS Word Document; APA format
  • Submission Format: Blackboard Submission
  • Length: 2 – 4 pages with a separate reference page
  • Citations Required: 5 – 6 Scholarly References

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