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Should abortion be legalized? The topic should address a single

Should abortion be legalized?

The topic should address a single moral problem that exists in our society.  

 You need to structure your paper as follows:

Introduction – Set up the paper by introducing the nature of your topic in the context of how it can seen as a moral dilemma or problem in society. As well, you must state explicitly your goal for this paper. 

The opposing sides of the debate – in an unbiased fashion, you need to present each side of a moral debate with common supporting reasons why people would argue for it from opposing sides. For instance, if you choose Euthanasia, then you need to lay out argumentation in support of–as well as against–someone having the procedure. These arguments can be commonly held at large. Whether you agree with everything on both sides isn’t important. It just needs to be presented in a clear way. If done correctly, the reader wouldn’t know which side of the debate you are on, given your fair attention to each side. (In the past, some students have been incredibly slanted in this section which didn’t bode well for them grade-wise.)

Your own evaluation (i.e. the most important part of the paper) – Having established many viewpoints on either side of the debate, you now will argue your own view. This needs to be a clear, well argued itinerary that shows critical thought on your part as well as connection to some philosophical view we’ve seen this semester. If you do not directly connect your argument to something we learned by way of ethical theories or philosophers we’ve studied, you will get no higher than a C on this paper. To be clear, choose a single ethical theory to support your viewpoint. Do not try to squeeze in multiple theories. You do not need to include a full summary, but you do need to explain the concept behind it and explain how it can be used as a useful rationale to support whatever your viewpoint is. I need to see more than one sentence on the theory in the paper. This is an ethics final paper. I need to see some philosophy being applied here to the issue.  

Conclusion – Round out the paper by restating your purpose in connection with what has been said. You don’t have to solve the world’s problems by the end of the paper, but you should at least suggest some compelling direction toward improving a current situation we facing in society.

*You may use reliable outside sources, and you must cite them accordingly.

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure you’ll get the best grade possible:

Do I introduce a viable moral topic with a bit of context, AND do I explain my goal for this paper?

Do I present to opposing sides of the moral issue with established and supporting premises for each side?

Do I put forth my own evaluation which favors or opposes a side of this moral debate, and do I use an ethical position I have learned this semester to help support to my argument?

Is the ethical view that I have chosen given enough detail so that a reader would have a basic grasp of its meaning, independently of this paper?

Does my conclusion summarize the aim of this paper and affirm my argument as being worthy of consideration to a reader?


An “A” paper will have:

+A proper introduction that introduces a topic and qualifies it as worth of ethical consideration. After this, you must also state the intent of the paper. Something such as “In this paper I will…” or “The goal of this report is to show…” or “I intend to argue in favor of…” etc. You must do more than indicate there are a lot of views on a given topic, then move on. Make it clear what the reader is going to gain from reading this.

+Provide an overview of the ethical issue for which you are presenting, explaining the relevant arguments on two opposing sides of the issue in a factual, non-evaluative manner. I.e. Do not include opinions, personal thoughts or other biases in this portion of the paper.

+Once you’ve presented the subject and shown two opposing sides of it, you need to make a thoughtful, well-reasoned argument in favor of a position you hold regarding the topic. You must demonstrate elements of critical thought with a philosophical mindset. You must cite a philosopher, ethical theory or some philosophical rationale that you’ve learned this semester amidst your argument. If you don’t include philosophy you will definitely not get an A.

+The paper needs to have a logical structure that demonstrates effort, detail to editing and a clear flow of information, as well as nearly perfect grammar. Avoid fragmented sentences. This is a very common problem in student writing. Form complete sentences. You aren’t writing a text message. You aren’t writing poetry or a blog entry. This is academic writing. Be formal. Proofread, and have someone else proofread if you are unsure.

+A conclusion that neatly wraps up the purpose of the paper and leaves the reader with a sense of accomplishment in having spent the time reading your work. 

+Reach proper word count of 1200+ words

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