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Assignment 5: Developing the Formal Topic Outline (August 15-October 23,


Assignment 5: Developing the Formal Topic Outline (August 15-October 23, 2022) 

Read Chapter 3, “Organizing Ideas and Setting Goals” in Lester; Chapter 9, Writing Effective Notes and Creating Outlines” in Lester, and Chapter 3, “Finding Useful Sources” in Turabian. You are required to develop the formal topic outline for your paper.   

Please review the steps and other information for writing a research proposal in the “Announcement” section of this course. Your outline should contain all of the information listed in the steps for a research proposal as stated in the “Announcement” section but the information under each section should be relevant to your topic. For example, you should list items to be discussed in your introduction; your statement of the problem should describe the problem as it relates to your topic of research (in essence, why does the research need to be done); etc.  

Learning Objectives: After reading these chapters students should be able to:
Understand the sources they are expected to use when writing a scholarly paper.
Write a rough outline.
Evaluate sources for relevance and reliability.

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