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Comparing Singapore airlines and EasyJet airlines

Write me an essay comparing (Singapore airlines) and (EasyJet airlines). The topic is divided into two main parts and some key points that needs to be discussed: The First part is **Comparing and contrast each airline brand** Key points to compare and contrast: – What is brand and brand strategy? – How do brands provide competitive advantage for each airline? – How each airline brand been promoted and priced? – Who does each airline target ( Business travellers or economic travellers)? The second part is *

*Discussing how each airline brand provide them with competitive advantage and explain how these two airlines have done**. Key points to discuss: – Customers loyalty: for instance: how did they used air points to attracted more customers n made them loyal – Customers relationship with the brand – Reflection of self image – Brand positioning – Brand dominant and so forth As my lecturer told me it is better to compare a low-cost airline with a full-cost airline since they have completely different strategies ( example: low cost airlines focus on lower prices to fly more people, where full cost airline focus on providing travellers with good experience, customers service and etc) that’s why i have chosen Singapore airline and EasyJet airlines If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email 

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