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Implications of the concept for Education.


The outline is below: Demonstrate your ability to critically reflect on your academic learning by relating advanced sociological theory. Engage with an advanced body of knowledge and have the tools to provide you with ongoing access to recent developments in the field, not older than 10 years. Deploy cognitive and critical reflection skills that allow you to demonstrate mastery of theoretical knowledge and professional practice or scholarship Demonstrate cognitive, technical and creative skills that allow you to investigate, analyse and synthesize complex information, problems, concepts and theories and to apply established theories to different bodies of knowledge or practice Engage in communication and technical research skills to justify and interpret theoretical propositions, methodologies, conclusions and professional decisions to specialist and non-specialist audiences Deploy technical and communication skills to design, evaluate, implement, analyse and theorise about developments that contribute to professional practice or scholarship Instruction: the essay needs to be divided into two sections Section 1 – 1000 words Identify and discuss one major concept or idea from your readings and engagement in one of these topics. I have selected sexuality, gender and education. First, define the concept as it has been introduced to you in the unit.

This requires you to introduce the concept or idea; identify the literature where it is discussed and developed; describe key elements of the  concept or idea. Second, discuss the implications of the concept for education. Explain what the concept means for how education is understood and practised. Since Section 3 asks you to make links with your current and future practice, this section is about education in general—although you may discuss education in your field whether that be early childhood, school, vocational or higher education (high school focus would be best here) You need to demonstrate that you have read scholarly literature in this area by providing a coherent and insightful discussion of your chosen concept, supported by references to the literature. Section 2 – 750 words Describe how the concept helped you to better understand an aspect of your professional practice as a school teacher and school counsellor.This section also requires you to use the insights described in the preceding sections to suggest some strategies or ideas for future practice and/or deepening your professional learning. These strategies/ideas should be appropriate both in terms of the reflection you have provided, and the literature presented in Section 2. For this reason, you should also include references to the academic literature in this section. Your response should explain— in the light of your learning journey in the unit and the ideas and concepts you have encountered: 1. How the key concept you have discussed relates in a professional context; and 2. How you could use this knowledge to refine/change your practice and/or further develop your professional expertise in the future. 

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