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” Crown Court Observation” (UK)


This is a Court Room Observation Paper. (Aim 1K word count). 1. Imagine you were requested to attend to a crown court to observe a case. 2. Now whatever happened in that courtroom you will have to observe, from the proceedings and the people in attendance to what has been said in the courtroom ***You can, in this case, choose whatever case you would like. Whether, it is about a drug dealer or a rapist, murder etc. named Jon Terry (39) you choose. Important: I have attached What the university has requested for this essay and a hint on how you could structure this essay and marking criteria on the essay. ** I also have attached a sample by my university from someone’s observation. However, the sample is 2k words and talks about the Crown and County courts in Manchester. I just have to visit 1 court and am required to write only 1k words. To summarize: You can come up with a case that happened in a crown court (London Crown Court) and follow the instructions from the attachments. There are many other samples online ” Crown Court Observation” (UK)

References: This paper does not require references as it is simply what I see I observe. However, when eventually answering in the paper ( title question) whether I believe that adversarial trial results in the search of truth id like there to be arguments may be supported by one strong reference to support my claim

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