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The relationship between print literacy and other forms of “text”

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1. Indias Classical Age Introduction and word file for information and idea 2.http:www.talesofpanchatantra.comshortstoriesforkids 3.https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiSangamliterature 4.https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiBhartE1B99Bhari 5.https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiTaoYuanming an 6.https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiTheTaleofGenji 7.https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiThePillowBook

1. Indias Classical Age Introduction and word file for information and idea2. an6.

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You are required to demonstrate your ability to reflect on the sustainability practices at the service and spontaneously support children to connect to their world.

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