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Elements for a Gondola/Chairlift Transportation System

Project 2: Designing Elements for a Gondola/Chairlift Transportation System (Due Date: th, beginning of class) Researching and composing international case studies for designing at the local level using modern and sustainable best-practices is a task for professional designers. The City and County of San Diego have Climate Action Plans calling for the lowering of CO2 emissions. Aiming to lower emissions and make quality of life improvements/adaptations to the current public transportation systems is a major part of the plans. Examine gondola and chairlift systems which are used for public transportation in other international cities. Design a realistic gondola/chairlift transportation system for the San Diego region using your own innovative approach and incorporating best global practices. Architecture Students: Design public gondola/chairlift stations. Design Students: Design the individual gondola compartments and chairs for the chairlifts. Select a couple existing international gondola/chairlift transportation systems used in urban settings. Using Google Earth/Maps, explore the gondola systems within the cities. Examine their architecture, form and use of public space. How, specifically, are these transportation systems benefitting the particular cities where they exist? What were the obstacles getting them established and what are the current problems? How are they being powered? How are they being paid for? How large are the cities they are serving? What percentage of the people have access? What percentage of users are commuters/locals versus tourists? San Diego Climate Action Plans: SD County: City of SD: 2 Your research about the existing systems and how they can be translated into a sustainable system for San Diego should take into account: current population size and predicted population growth, local economy, natural resources, building materials, area concerns (pollution, natural concerns), water sources, waste management, natural features of the environment (design flow with nature), potential natural disasters, historical, cultural, and economic aspects. Include ALL if the following: ● Well-designed Cover page ● Formal Outline ● Reference page ● AT LEAST 4 written pages (APA format) ● About 10 screenshots using Google Earth or Google Maps ● About 6-10 original renderings ● Consider the following outline: o Cover Page with title, name, class information, nice image representing the project o Formal Outline of the documen

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