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Discuss whether and how such wall could help regulate immigration into

One of the key election promises of the current US President was building a wall along the US border with Mexico. Discuss whether and how such wall could help regulate immigration into the United States.

A: STRUCTURE: Introduction- framing the answer and giving the reader a short summary of the argument and how you have structured the essay Body – elaborate argument using references to literature, case studies and examples Conclusion – summing up key points and highlighting the answer (from your point of view)

B: ARGUMENT: Be clear about what are you trying to explain and what are the key elements of the argument. If it’s a question that is asking you to discuss a topic, provide both points of view and then elaborate on why you have opted for one of them. Link discussion to the relevant theory, and where possible provide contemporary examples.

C: STYLE: Structured – paragraphs need to be connected to each other Clarity and Brevity – Clear, concise, formal (terminology) and to the point Use of case study examples and quotes where possible and where applicable. Please reference any quotes (name of author and date of publication) Focused on the question – keep going back to the question to check whether you are answering the question AND answering all parts of the question 

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