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Prison Industrial Complex

 In this module, you were introduced to the idea of prisons as industrial systems. Furthermore, we examined the various actors in this complex and the impact of both public and private agencies in the formation of corrections “sub-governments.” For this activity, you will draw from the assigned readings in Kraska and Brent to address questions about the prison industrial complex. For this discussion begin by explaining each of the following in one paragraph: Identify the key participants in the national corrections-commercial complex. Explain the way in which these groups work together to influence and impact policy decision making in regard to corrections in the United States. Explain any differences in goals or methods that lead these groups to have different or opposed impact on policy decision making. Finally, assume that you are a state-level policy maker and you have to decide how much of the corrections budget should be allocated to private industries and how much to federal or state organizations. Using what you have learned in this module, make a determination on the budget and explain your decision making.

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