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Theorical Framework paper: An advanced practice nurse.

Theorical Framework paper 1.-Describe your professional setting, goals or other context that will frame your ¨Theorical Framework as an advanced practice nurse. (I work in a Neuro floor mainly with CVA (stroke) patients with neurological problems, seizures)

2.- Provide statements about the personal and professional values and philosophy that will guide your professional role

3.- Identify, discuss, critique and apply an existing or emerging nursing theory that is aligned with your values and philosophy. Include the following components; A) Present the rationale for selecting this theory in terms of your professional values and philosophy. B) Describe the concepts of the theory C) Provide examples of how the theory or framework can be applied to direct your professional role as well as one or more additional APN or doctoral competencies. D) Provide brief examples of how the relationships among the concepts of the theory help you predict, explain or intervene in your professional role. E) Evaluate your theory for missing concepts, missing or different theoretical relationships, or additional concepts you would add. 4.- Describe how you anticipate applying this theory as a guide to your professional role.

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