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Your  comments will be graded on how well they meet the Discussion

Your  comments will be graded on how well they meet the Discussion  Requirements posted under “Before You Begin.” Before delving into your  response to this Discussion question, I would like us to continue to get  to know each other through another icebreaker. You will be seeing these  icebreakers at the beginning of each module’s Discussion.  The  icebreaker for this Discussion is as follows: 

Ice-breaker: You can choose whichever statement(s) you would like. I  am passionate about  _________________. If I could choose any other  career/job, I would work as a _____________. If I had the time, I would  love to ______________.

Discussion topic:

Describe your professional role (current or future) in overcoming  societal, systemic, or structural influences (force) that create  barriers to healthy behaviors. Please specify your profession, type of  job, and give examples. After describing your role, ensure you give  examples of how you will go about aligning the role with your passion  and how you will achieve your future role(s).

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As a medical professor, it is crucial to teach and guide students on how to overcome societal, systemic, or structural influences that create barriers to healthy behaviors. This is an essential aspect of their professional roles, and it is necessary to prepare them for such challenges.


Profession: Medical Professor

Type of Job: College Instructor

As a medical professor, I have the responsibility to teach and train medical students to become excellent medical professionals who can create healthy behaviors and overcome barriers related to societal, systemic, or structural influences.

One way I can align my role with my passion is by being an advocate for public health. I am passionate about promoting healthy behaviors that can lead to a healthy community. By working with policymakers, healthcare providers, and community leaders, I can create a conducive environment for healthy behavior to thrive.

In addition, I can achieve my future role(s) by encouraging my students to be advocates for public health, teaching them communication skills, and empowering them to use their profession to make a difference. For example, I can design assignments and examinations that challenge students to create innovative solutions to health issues in their communities. I can also provide feedback on their performance, emphasizing the importance of taking the initiative to make a difference in society.

Overall, my role as a medical professor will be to teach and guide future medical professionals to create healthy behaviors that will overcome societal, systemic, or structural influences that create barriers to healthy living.

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