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Essay #1: Using Toulmin to Analyze Arguments

Essay #1: Using Toulmin to Analyze Arguments 

The Prompt:

Write an essay that analyzes an assigned article using components of the Toulmin System and evaluate how convincing the article is. In the introduction, describe the rhetorical context of the article—tell us about the author and his/her purpose, the source or publication, the audience, and the genre. Do not include a thesis. The main body paragraphs of your essay should define terms and provide cited examples from your chosen article for each of the following: (1) the main claim and reasons (summarized) (2) at least 2 warrants (with an explanation of how you know those are warrants), (3) the grounds/evidence the author uses (overview with examples), (4) at least 2 rebuttals that the author includes (with an explanation of how you know those are rebuttals). The final paragraph or two of your essay should use the concepts in Writing Arguments wrap up your essay and evaluate how convincing the article is.

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