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Systems Theory and Conflict Resolution

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:

Competency 2: Apply theoretical perspectives on conflict. Define systems theory clearly in your own words.

Competency 3: Apply appropriate strategies to reduce or resolve conflicts. Propose strategies for reducing conflict based on a systems analysis. Competency 4: Analyze the impact of conflict on relationship-building in face-to-face, virtual, cyber, and group communication. Analyze a conflict using systems theory. Competency 6: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats. Communicate in a manner that respects the dignity, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and individual uniqueness of others. For this assignment, you will analyze conflicts using systems theory, as described by Hocker and Wilmot in Chapter 7.

When people think of conflict, they often tend to think only about the actual conflict itself. They often fail to contextualize that conflict within the norms and background of a larger institution or group. This type of contextualization is an important part of understanding a conflict more fully and of better understanding how to resolve the conflict. Systems theory is a method of analyzing conflict that goes beyond looking at individual behavior and goals, and instead focuses on the patterns of interactions between individuals as a part of a whole institution. Systems theory also focuses on the roles that individuals play within institutions. For this assignment, use the information about systems theory that you read in Chapter 7 of the Hocker and Wilmot text, complete the following, using your post from u05d2: Define systems theory clearly, in your own words. Briefly describe the conflict. Then analyze what you know about the system that is contributing to this conflict. To help you analyze the system, refer to the detailed Conflict Assessment Guide in Chapter 7 of the Hocker and Wilmot text. Choose relevant questions from this outline to assist you in your analysis. Based on your systems analysis of this conflict, propose some possible solutions or strategies for reducing the conflict. Remember, systems theory looks beyond individuals and exam

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