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The current performance of the selected organisation.

You will need to do (max 1300 words) that addresses the current issues and/or problems that the organisation is encountering. The report should be structured so that it focuses upon: 1. The current performance of the selected organisation. (150 words) 2. The organisation’s competitive environment. (350 words) 3. The reasons for the current performance (this could be competitive forces, good or poor decision-making, internal organisational problems, market changes and wider macro-environmental factors et cetera) (650 words) 4. A recommendation as to a suitable course of action for the organisation to now pursue or what they should have done (re-investment, change of strategy, divestment, change of culture/leadership et cetera) (150 words) The Marking criteria ASSESSMENT OF CURRENT PERFORMANCE (10)

• The current performance part shouldn’t be long. • It should however contain facts and figures that support what is being said about the performance. • Should also have a clear conclusion i.e. is the performance good/bad or average. COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT (25) • This part should show a good understanding of the current competitive environment. • Expectation is that a wide, and appropriate, variety of analytical tools will be used. • The focus should be on analysis rather than description of the strategic management theories, tools et cetera IDENTIFICATION OF KEY REASONS FOR CURRENT PERFORMANCE (50) • These should be in line with what was said about it e.g. if they stated that it was good then – when talking about the reasons one should clearly see why that performance is good. Same with bad performance. • This part should be longer (and attracts the most marks) since students are expected to use the strategic management concepts and tools/frameworks/notions e.g. Porters, PESTLE, SWOT, et cetera. • The focus should be on application rather than description of the strategic management theories, tools et cetera • Higher marks to those that can apply these tools, concepts, theories and so on without making specific references to them. • Going beyond the basic tools and frameworks to also attract more marks e.g. Resource Based View, Core competences, Bowman’s Strategy Clock, First Mover Advantages etc

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