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Graphic Novel Arkham Asylum: Analytical Graphic Novel Midterm

Read Graphic Novel Arkham Asylum Here is the link for the novel online: Instructions from teacher: 1) Choose 10 to 12 frames in the graphic novel; try to pick a sequence that represents a full action from its beginning to its conclusion. Your frames should operate, in other words, as a dramatic scene. 2) Introduce your discussion by a) indicating the name of the Graphic Novel, b) the artist’s name

, c) a brief but comprehensive plot summary including major plot points and any important information about the characters, d) a background summary of the events leading to the 10 or 12 frames you’re writing about and, e) the page number(s) on which they occur. f) Establish the identity of the narrator and his or her significance. 3) Begin by a) describing the frame layout of the page or pages and b) remember that you are describing the activity frame by frame in order of appearance and that c) you are describing how the frames work to maintain continuity. 4) Describe a) the character (s), motivation, and action of every frame. b) establish the position of your view point as you proceed, and c) explain the pictorial space of each frame and d) its organization. e ) describe everything in every frame. Keep in mind that “everything” means everything. 5) Having fully described your sequence, write a critical explanation of the purpose of the sequence a) at the point of its occurrence in the narrative and b) it’s contribution or significance to the theme or purpose of the graphic novel. 6) There is a lot of visual detail to describe and explain and that means close reading. That, in turn, means that your discussion will take more than a few pages. The most successful papers have usually been in the neighborhood of 15 to 25 pages of approximately 250 words per page.

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