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Technological determinism is the idea that technology determines or

 1. Technological determinism is the idea that technology determines or very significantly influences all other areas of society. Identify a current technology that is influential in our society, argue that this technology is deterministic or that it is not deterministic, the consequences of your position for society as a whole. 2. Science and technology have brought us some of our greatest advancements, medicine, infrastructure, transport technology, but they have also given us some of our greatest threats, plastics that don’t break down in the environment, nuclear weapons capable of destroying the Earth and toxic chemicals that pollute the air. Argue that the benefits of science and technology are more important than the costs, the costs are more important than the benefits, or that cost / benefit analysis fails on this question. Be sure to recommend what society should do about science and technology in the future based on your analysis. 3. Harrison argues that pseudoscience and paranormal claims are dangerous and represent a misunderstanding of science. Find an example of pseudoscience/paranormal science and discuss if Harrison’s claims apply to this case.

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